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The Custom Climbs Compact2 is a versatile, all-around hangboard designed to help you develop finger strength for whatever the rock throws at you. The Compact2 provides a wide selection of features including comfy jugs, Gaston side pulls, and challenging edges, making it the perfect companion for a unique training program. Designed to build strength quickly and safely while remaining comfortable and saving precious skin. CNC machined, finished by hand, environmentally mindful.

We highly recommend our backboard for this model. It dips down behind the hangboard and turns the large top edges into pull-up jugs. If you have any questions feel free to reach out! We have a lot more products in the works so follow us on Instagram @customclimbs to stay up-to-date.

Features Include:
• 30 degree sloped edge
• Flat rounded edges (incut jugs w. backboard)
• 25mm slots
• Large Trapezoidal Central Feature
     - Gaston Edges
     - Sloped Flat Edges
     - Central Pinch
• Three-finger pockets
• Two-finger pockets
• Mono pockets
• 15mm edges
• 10mm edges

Outer Dimensions:
5.5 in x 20 in x 1.5 in

• Hardware is included. (4) 3 inch screws and (6) 1 inch screws.
• A backboard is required to mount to a home wall.
• Use 3 inch screws when mounting a backboard to a home wall.
• Use 1 inch screws when mounting the hangboard to a backboard.

Our Wood:
Custom Climbs hangboards are made from solid Poplar lumber that is grown in the Eastern USA. The lumber is hand selected at a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified lumber distributor (Hood Distribution) in Orlando, Florida, processed by a local carpenter (IG @wingitwoodco), and hand finished by either Tobias or James.

Why Poplar? Relative to other hardwoods, such as Oak or Hard Maple, it is incredibly abundant and quick-growing, while also carrying nearly half the weight, meaning that fewer resources are needed to machine and transport it from the forest to your doorstep.

Environmental Impact:
We have decided to use responsibly sourced materials, carbon neutral shipping, and are looking into carbon offsets and forestry donations. We understand that it is challenging to run a business with sustainability in mind but we are looking into ways to reduce our impact as much as possible. We are not perfect so if you have any recommendations please reach out!